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This is a short list of things that I've done over the years and new projects that I'm currently involved with.

I'm always learning new things and starting new projects, because of the advances in Technology.

Feel free to ask questions.

LinkedIn for Luis Brown
Linkedin Site

Updated - Main Site

Historic - Old Site

Shopify Ecommerce Site
Shopify Site

( Example Template )
Wordpress Site

#1 Technical Support Sms and Voicemail
Text Response using Twilio Webhook, and Voicemail Receiving
Twilio 2FA on

#2 Technical Support Sms and Voicemail
Collecting information, and Voicemail Receiving Using AWS Lambda for email notiifcation
Twilio Techbot

------ Sample Applications ------

Heroku Sample App - Ruby on Rails
( Example Template )
Heroku Website

Github Sample - Css
( Example Template )
Github Website

View Evaluation Listing:
A listing of previous evaluations over time.
Evaluation Listing

TechBot - Chatbot Testing for Technical Support
(still testing)
TechBot Testing

Technical Support Interface
(its actually designed to allow for one technician to commnicate with several clients at the same time)
Client Interface     Administrative Questions

Facebook Job Listing for Tech Support
Facebook Job Listing

------ Business Plan ------

Word Document - Business Plan
Plain Text Document - Business Plan
HTML Document - Business Plan 

------ What Am I Working With ------

Microsoft Office 365 Premium 
Microsoft Skype for Business
Microsoft Office Mobile Applications 
Azure Managment Console 
Azure VM Windows 2012 R2 
Azure SQL Database 
Azure Powershell 
Google Manager Console 
Google Developer Console 
Google Apps for Business 
Google Mobile Apps 
Amazon Web Services (AWS)
QuickBooks Self-Employed