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One of the primary intentions of developing the Activemode Network, is to provide a mobile working environment for people that are capable and willing to work remotely outside of an office space, to become an information resource for small businesses that require additional workers at a lower cost.


1. Resolve the issue of "Baby Boomers" retiring from the workforce with no other occupation or activity, but still viable and able to work and provide consultation in a limited capacity.

2. Provide work for unemployed workers that are available for work, with advanced skills, but with no permanent positions available to them.


Evaluation Website:

It's almost impossible to train Mobile Workers that are hundreds of miles apart, which you've never actually met in person, and ensure that all your work gets done.So the best remote option to find the best qualified people would be a 30 day evaluation that requires them to sign in every day.�� After signing in, they perform a task or answer a question that takes 5 to 15 minutes to finish. It's something easy enough to do, but it has to be done before the end of the day.This actually creates a level environment that focuses on the skills and knowledge of the person being evaluated.Nothing else is more important than answering the question, or completing the task consistently from one day to the next to show that a person is reliable enough to pay for the services they provide.

Employee Website

The mobile website interface is where employees sign in for work, and receive their assignments.Because they receive an email notification, each person knows that they have an assignment for that day.The interface is designed to allow employees to see and select the assignments they have, and show both the assigned date and the timeframe in which to complete it.All work is done through the interface, and can be submitted at any time day or night, depending on their personal schedules and availability.Text, Documents, and Images can be uploaded and submitted to complete any assignment, and to offer complete solutions to issues and problems that need to be solved.In addition to the working environment, the site includes Member Profiles, Personal Messages and Social Interaction to keep employees connected and able to help each other complete their assignments and stay busy when there are no assignment currently available.The site has storage available for research material, pictures and document that may be needed to successfully complete their assignments.



The Activemode Network has been actively online under the same name since 1998 and has top listing in Search engines under the term "Activemode Network".Both Microsoft Office and Google Business Apps have been used to manage and enhance the Management aspect of the Website.



No Marketing has ever been done for the Activemode Network.�� Management is now interested in beginning a Marketing Campaign, and would be interested in hiring Management Professionals to assist.



No Promotions, besides Blog Postings, have ever been done for the Activemode Network.Management is now interested in new methods of Promotions for the website going forward.



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